Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Pro Israel rally in Toronto (Photos)


I am glad I made it to the gathering in North York's Mel Lastman square. It was a huge gathering, if you will. I heard some 8000 Canadians attended this rally and it was really surprising to see this. I couldnt believe my eyes though.

I talked to some Rabbis and told them I am an Iranian supporting Israel in its war against evil forces and I did explain to some fellows and Rabbis in the gathering that not all Iranian people support these terrorists and they were really surprised to find that out.

Any ways, It's great to see such pro-freedom gatherings in a city like Toronto where pro-terrorists people seem to be ruling the waves.


Anonymous said...

What really worries me is the mind set of the Police and politicians , I'v noticed how Muslim rallies can spew hate and make death threats with no arrests,and any non-Muslim opposing the rally is the wisked away in a cop car for inciting the muslims.

But when other groups protest the muslims can show up and hurl insults while the Police merely keep the groups apart.

For now Islam is out to wipe away Israel and all jews , but don't think for a moment they'll stop in the Middle east, Germany,Denmark,France,the UK and canada/USA will be next in the crusade for Allah.

Just give me one case of a Imam or Islamic leader actually denouncing the Muslim terrorist , all I hear is the hollow claims the Islam forbids killing innocent civilians.
This begs the question, who qualifies as a "Innocent civilian" since Muhammad himself declared that all unbelivers are the enemies and at war with islam and Allah.

PhilDragoo said...

I am currently reading Efraim Karsh, Islamic Imperialism, which establishes historical perspective, i.e., Islam is not a "religion of peace", but rather a lava lamp of beheaders, betrayers and backstabbers.
Diogenesis on Free Republic posted the photo from Michelle Malkin's site of the the UN observation post in Lebanon which flies both the blue UN flag and the yellow flag of Hizb'allah--how telling.
All the strings run to Tehran and by pulling these threads we make Ayatollah Khamenei and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad whirl like dervishes.
Using similar asymmetrical warfare, Sambo reduced the tiger to melted butter.
The support of Israel's right to exist expressed by President George Bush, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and UN Ambassador John Bolton is exceptional, significant, and indicative of an epochal shift.
Also of note is the criticism of Hizb'allah by the assembled Arab nations.
We are faced with a New Hitler for this New Millenium, and last week on the Rush Limbaugh program Jonathon Sand a great-grandson of Winston Churchill warned against doing the New Neville Chamberlain bit with the Islamofascist menace.
Cue the Who, "Won't Get Fooled Again".

Sina said...

People like you living in Toronto proves that not all Iranians are hypocrites over there.Well done mate.I'll give a link to the video in my next post.

Kepp up good work

Chester said...

Good job

Tina said...

Well, it's not the police and the politicians that the "mob" needs to worry about. When the tide changes, it's the people they will have to fear.

Basically, the Brits, Canadians and Americans are pretty tolerant. Thing is, it is also almost impossible to tell when you have crossed the line that should never be crossed.

monica zandi said...

im registered as a republican but im socially very liberal. however, with respect to foreign policy i like the neocons approach. i have alot of serious problems really with both sides (dems/reps)

monica zandi said...

to winston, reading anon's message theere is my problem with conservative ignorance. how on earth can you verify that no Muslim has ever denounced the terrorist attacks and blood they have shed? Surely you are saying that a religion with 1 billion followers has no decent true believers?

آهو said...

THanks for the pictures Winston jun. There was a huge pro- Israel rally in LA too.

Chaya said...

Winston, I am so glad that I found your blog. Do you have any idea what percentage of the Iranians want a change in regime?I keep telling people here (in Israel) that the Iranian people don't want to live any longer under the mullahs. Do you have any statistics?

Muttering In Manitoba said...

Thanks for the pictures, Winston. It's great to see the huge turnout in support of Israel.

shlemazl said...

Thanks! I posted a link to this article.

Rosemary said...

Thank you for the great pics. Thank you for talking to the people. More gatherings like this, and we may be able to turn the tide, eh? I can hope...