Friday, July 7, 2006

Superman is back

Gods are selfish beings [.....] who don't share their power with mankind

I watched Superman last night and it was some thing I had been waiting to see for years.

Superman may be a teenagers' movie but, for me, it is also a reminder of my childhood back in Iran where VCRs were illegal in the 80s and we had such a hard time watching what we liked and families used to gather at others' who had video devices to watch bunch of movies and shows. Yes, VCR was a banned device in Islamic Iran of 1980s and early 90s and people who were caught carrying or using VCR or satellite equipments could face jail time, heavy fines and lashes.

I'd say that Superman meant a lot to me though and regime used to show parts of superman on state TV telling us how corrupt and foolish the western (read American) society is and that the Americans don't have any ancient heros, therefore Superman is their national symbol of heroism. Mullahs believe that any thing American is just bad bad bad. Damn them. I hated them back then...

Of course, no one bought their crap, I didn't either. Although I am not saying that Superman is the symbol of America, which in a sense it might be, but the point I am trying to get across is that Superman was also my and other Iranian kids' hero. He was, in fact, a world savior. Wasn't he?

To cut the long story short, the new Superman movie is good and worthy to watch. I did feel sad when Marlon Brando's voice was replayed again talking and encouraging superman. Like I said, it is more about past rather than today. Nostalgia is the proper term to describe that feeling.

Kevin Spacey is good in what he does there and he really looks like the bad guys in comic books.

The audience responded well at the viewing I attended and all I can say is that it was a good movie, who cares about the damned film critics but if you do, then read Washington Post editorial review of the movie.
Have fun!
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Brenda said...

Well, I am looking forward to seeing this "remake". I enjoyed all the other Superman movies -- the ones with Christopher Reeve, that is. This new Superman looks alot like him, so maybe he will be a good replacement.

I never got into reading the comics or anything like that. But when I saw the movies with Christopher Reeve, as Superman, I got hooked.

I like Kevin Spacey, he is a great actor. So I imagine he will play an especially evil Lex Luthor!

UP, UP AND AWAY!!!!!!!!!

Rosemary said...

They (the mullahs) must not have ever heard about John Wayne! He was my hero. He was a very good actor, and he was a true American. The only thing is, I knew he was acting! lol. He did do it well...

As for Superman, he's good.