Monday, August 14, 2006

For Political Prisoners of Iran

A small gathering of Iranians in Toronto to commemorate the political prisoners of Iran!


Sahar said...

Too bad it is small... I don't know why many Iranians care more about what is going on in Lebonan than they care what is going on in Iran.

Just look at the anti war rallies, and see how many Iranians go there... But not many show up for the freedom of their own country.

Winston said...

Because we, Iranians, tend to mind others' business rather than minding our own.

That's really unfortunate!

Btw, did you not attend an anti-Iraq war rally in front of US consulate in the city you live?

Sahar said...

I did.... I am against war, but I am also supportive of human rights and freedom in Iran. So it is not something that is mutually exclusive. You can support both. But if you wanna choose only one, I would choose the one for human rights in Iran. Mind you, I am not going to these rallies anymore. They have become the mouth piece of Hezbollah, and I do not play THAT game.

Winston said...

Very good to hear that!