Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Khatami goes to Washington

Well, no matter how hard many prominent scholars, advisers, bloggers and other pundits say that the so-called Reform movement is dead in Iran and such thing never existed for real, it seems that President Bush's government does not tend to listen to these calls.

Now, the biggest liar of all times, former President Khatami of Iran is going to Washington D.C, USA, according to Washington Post for series of lectures and visits. link

Why can he get a pass into the US, but many Iranian political activists can't? What's wrong with you guys in the State Department? It makes me and many Iranians angry to see how you say one thing and act the other way.

Did he not just state that he is proud of hezbollah, a terrorist group, and that Israel has no right to exist?

It was under Khatami's administration that students were butchered and suppressed on 9th of July 1999, hundreds of opposition newspapers forced to shut, many prominent opposition figuers were slaughtered in chain murders around the country and more and more people jailed for being just opposite of what regime represents.

It's just shameful that Bush's government has no real plans to deal with the entire Islamic regime of Iran. That's frustrating for all of us who want to see this bloody regime gone.

Shame on you, State Department!

Iranian Woman has posted something on it


E J Hosdil said...

As soon as the US steps in the Iran situation, you guys are just going to call us a bunch of cowboys and go-it-alones. We stepped up to the plate in Iraq. It is time that you and Europe step up and solve the Iran issue.

Chester said...

This is totally beyond my comprehension.

monica zandi said...


Terry Crane said...

US State Department is a mis-governed public service. When not governed properly, bureaucrats loose the sense of "serving the public", and start to play their career games forging alliances with foreign officials etc.

What are they thinking? They thinking that Khatami can get back to power as an acceptable "moderate", US Embassy in Tehran can be re-opened, that can mean new positions, promotions and bonuses.

They are thinking how many years one should servie as an Embassy's First Secretary to save for a mansion and a good boat - something along these lines.

With Human Rights NGOs spending at least 50% of their budgets monitoring Israeli "crimes", the State Dept is under NO pressure to care just a little bit about decent people of Iran being murdered for being decent. So they don't.

Pangloss said...

It's unfortunate that the Iraq democracy operation is going so roughly, for if the US were to overthrow the Iranian regime they would not stick around to nurture a better replacement. They would either put an iron-fisted governor in charge, or they would abandon it and let the strongest take it over. If another evil regime took power the US would simply repeat the process. This could happen as long as it took. Eventually Iranians would depopulating their country and turning it into a desert or establishing their own free society ruled by man's law and governed by democratically elected leaders.