Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I have stayed up until now to monitor Islamic regime's media and find out what may happen on 22nd of August with respect to the regime's nuclear issue. Nothing new yet but I'll try to keep watching their crappy TV programs though. It's not really bearable but I'd like to find out.

Will update once I find out what's their response to UN resolution and EU3 incentives would be.

Stay tuned...

Update 1: Iran has responded al-Reuters says but details were not immediately released. Pictures of the meeting

Update 2: al-Reuters has the response

Serious talks, you gotta be kidding me.... Okay, you want serious talks again? fine, then suspend your nuclear programs all in one piece and then we'll talk.

This is really a stupid joke!


kupablo said...

hi Winston
go to sleep
i don't what is the time now in Canada but in Israel it's almost like Iran and the "big" update is that iran will give europe the ansewr in a letter. so typical.


kupablo said...

Larigani will hand the letter in Tehran at 12:30 GMT


Chester said...

In the past, they've waited until later in the day to make an announcement.
So, we'll see

Anonymous said...

Hopefully there's Kool-Aid for everyone courtesy of the Ayatollahs today!

Aryamehr said...

So 6 years of talks has been "un-serious"? Europeans must either be idiots to continue these talks or it's all part of the script "world leaders" are putting on show for us!

Anonymous said...

Talks with fascists are useless. They must be told what consequences they will face for what they're doing, and then they must face the consequences. It really is that simple.

Rosemary said...

They are also moving the IRG to the borders in 'war games'. This is what they're not saying.

It's an old war trick. Never attack when they expect you to. That way, they will be shocked when you do.

Noticed many people do not know there was even a terrorist attack broken up in GERMANY?

Today, there was one broken up in mid-air. I am on my way to check that one out, but I think it was Northwestern air somewhere in Amsterdam.

At least you can't say they're not trying...

Adrian from Denmark said...

It's like a sick joke and I can only agree with Aryamehr.
Only thing I know for sure is that if mullahs say "A" today, they'll say "B" tomorrow but doing "C" instead.
Trying to have a rational dialogue that gives sense is a waste of time, and previous years of talks is a good proof of that.