Monday, August 28, 2006

More protests in Iran

One of the reasons I began to blog was to serve the sole purpose of drawing more attention of a broader audience to what is happening in Iran and I think it is every Iranian expat's duty to inform the free world citizens about the pleasant and unpleasant events taking place in their motherland, Iran.

I am hearing and reading that there were some labor protests going on for days in western Iranian province of Kurdistan, notably city of Sanandaj, and reports indicate that many have been detained by security forces and the protests crushed by the anti-riot police. BBC Persian also reports that groups of unpaid workers of a Sanandaj based factory and their families have staged a strike for the past few weeks in front of their work place.

According to Dutch government funded journal Rooz Online, a group of women rights activists who sought to gather one million signatures for their freedom petition were stopped and harassed by the security officials of the regime yesterday in Tehran and they were told they can't hold their freedom seminar because it endangers the national security of the state... ((Radio Free Europe has more))

اعتصاب کارگران يک کارخانه نساجی در سنندج، مرکز استان کردستان، با برخورد خشونت آميز نيروهای انتظامی ايران روبرو شده است. کارگران کارخانه نساجی 'پرريس' سنندج در اعتراض به قرارداد های کوتاه مدت با زن و بچه هايشان مقابل کارخانه دست به اعتصاب زدند اما نيروی انتظامی با استفاده از گاز اشک آور ريخته و با کارگران و زن و بچه های ايشان خیلی بشدت برخورد کرده
سمينار "تاثير قوانين بر زندگي زنان" که قرار بود روز يک شنبه پنج مرداد ماه، در سالن موسسه توانبخشي رعد برگزار شود با دستور اداره اماکن نيروي انتظامي لغو شد . اين سمينار براي معرفي کمپيني با عنوان "يک ميليون امضا براي تغيير قوانين تبعيض اميز" برنامه ريزي شده بود تا برگزار کنندگان به تشريح اهداف، برنامه ها و شيوه هاي کار اين کمپين بپردازند


Adrian from Denmark said...

Campaign goes here :

Goesh said...

I wonder how many in the strike know that Iran is giving money to hizbullah to give to people who lost their homes, after hizbullah started the war with Israel?

Winston said...

I think every single Iranian know this, Goesh. Iranians are upset thata their government is giving their money away to terror groups.