Thursday, August 10, 2006

Pakistani Terrorism

Call me a racist or a bigot, I am gonna say it any way and I don't care what you call me at all!

I was wondering why all these Pakis want to blow up thousands of people all over the world including Canada and recently UK.

Pakistan is the most dangerous country on the face of planet and its people are among the most dangerous and most radicals.

Pakistan is a country armed with nuclear weapons, it is not a democracy and it is full of crappy Islamic jihadist groups who want to blow up each other and take on the civilized world.

They are an Islamic nation without a national identity. Believe me, they identify themselves first as Muslims and then as Paki nationals. It's another reality of the identity-less muslims of Pakistan. Many people would say Saudi Arabia is the danger to the western civilization for their obvious terror links and that they fund terrorism world wide but let me assure you that Pakistan is the arm of Jihadism in the world and they are the ones who support Saudi funded Madrassahs (religious schools) in their own country, treat their women like shit, have shariah laws and their support for terror attacks in India and UK is also a known fact.

Iran and Syria might be terrorist states and they must be dealt with but Pakistan must stay in line to be dealt with later too!

Updated 1: Published at Persian Journal


monica zandi said...

i work with a woman from Pakistan and she told their president believes in democracy- "you can call him sick to his face" and is trying to prevent the radicals from taking power. Also, wait i thought it was Pakistan's govt that help unfold this plot?

Crescent Canuck said...

It was the Pakistan government that helped disrupt the plot.

It is an MP of Pakistani origin that your leader appointed as his 'special advisor' (apparently none of the members of his caucus was upto the task).

It is Pakistan that has lost the most men in the real war on terr or.

It is a bowler of Pakistani origin who helped England win a cricket match and the series (against Pakistan to boot) only last week.

Your post is plain racism.

E J Hosdil said...

I am neither Pakistani nor Indian and I often agree with you. However, I disagree with your view of Pakistan. Yes there are bad characters in Pakistan and yes it is not as democratic and Pro-west as we would like them to be, but Pakistan has done more to fight terrorism than many European countries. If some Candians have have feet for fear of a Muslim backlash in Montreal, than surely you should have some sympathy for Pakistan. With all due respect to my Indian friend,Pakistan is not as bad a place as people think. You are right however, that Pakistan must still improve its act somewhat.

Balbulican said...

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