Thursday, August 10, 2006

Confessions of a Hezbollah fighter

Internet based persian journal Rooz Online (funded and administered by the government of the Netherlands) has a story on confessions of a Lebanese hezbollah member in a conference in northern city of Rasht in Iran and he claims that "Nasrollah is the Deputy of [Supreme] Leader of Iran" and that Hezbollah specialized forces had been trained by the Revolutionary Guards of Iran

Updated 1: Captured Hezbollah Fighter Admits Training in Iran: Fox News has the story


peace said...,8599,1225457,00.html

read the article talks about Ganji's party with Sean Penn, Warren Beatty, and brad pitt..

What a waste!! Ganji lost my respect..where were Beatty, and brad pitt and Sean Penn when he was in hunger strike? They probably did not even know him...

Winston said...

He had lost my respect when he opened his mouth once he was out of iran a month ago. He is another Islamist!

By the way, do you read the posts or just post your comment however irrelevant to the topic? ;-)

peace said...

No, i do read your post...but I wanted to get the news out and don't have any other way to get it to you.:-)