Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Question on State Dept

Does any one know how the US State Dept works when it comes to issuing entry permit/visa to people with dark background?

How would they think the Iranian opposition forces feel about the USA if they really grant a US entry Visa to a murderer, a traitor and a liar who is former president Khatami of Iran?

Iranian Woman has posted something on it as well and tells us how she feels.

Updated 1: Persian Journal published my piece on this

Updated 2: Pajamas Media kindly pays attention to this post

Updated 3: Ken Timmerman on this

Updated 4: CAIR, the front for Hamas and Hezbollah in the States, is going to host the ex-President Khatami of Iran if he makes it to U.S -- ((I'd say congrats to the US govt for it))

Updated 5: Michael Rubin of AEI says "If Khatami really cared about a dialogue of civilizations, he would go to Jerusalem, not Washington."

Updated 6: A ranking member of Democratic party also says Khatami is not welcome.

به عنوان کسی که طرفدار طرحهای دولت ایالات متحده در خاورمیانه ،بعد از 11 سپتامبر، هستم این سوال رو میپرسم که چطور وزارت خارجه امریکا به قاتل و دروغگوی کم وجودی مثل محمد خاتمی قرارهست ویزای بازدید از امریکا بده اما دهها متخصص ایرانی دیپورت میشوند و باقی قضایا که همه بهترمیدونیم...؟


Chester said...

I will NEVER understand the State Dept.
And I will Never understand if they allow Khatami to come here.

I am shocked and dumbfounded over this.

Sahar said...

You put tooooooooooo much faith in the politics. Politics is dirty in nature, regardless of Iranian, American or Canadian... If Amercians never supported this regime, they would not have lasted for so long... I promise you that. What you see is not always what you get in this ugly entity called politics.

monica zandi said...

sahar u sound like the typical iranian, really pessmistic, and 'we'll wait and see'
i know understand your point of view. but i think right now we have a president who has got the ball rolling on 'regime change' no other president has done so far.

Sherry said...

I will never understand the State dept either, bunch of hypocrits. I haven't heard anything about Khatami coming to the US. All our news media is talking about is the JonBenet Ramsey case. Which I'm sick of hearing about!

Sahar, the Americans do NOT support this regime at all, we can't go around and toss out every government we don't like. We don't support the government there at all, but we do support the people who want democracy and freedoms. I wouldn't be surprised in the least, if there weren't a bunch of people from Iran living here in the US trying to help free their people by helping out US government. Just because this isn't on the news does not mean this isn't happening.

فرهاد said...

بهره برداریهای سیاسی

monica zandi said...

lol my called Rev Peterson she left a message 'i do not underestand vhy you wood let a killer speak for ey justice" love my mom! azad iran [free iran!!]

Rosemary said...

I've already protested. The State Dept. is keeping an American citizen in prison in Afghanistan after he was found innocent so as not to raise any 'conflict.' I cannot tell you what I would like to do with the State Dept. After all, THEY already allowed Ahmadinejad in our country, now didn't they?

Sherry said...

Winston, I just heard on the news today, that they have information gaps within Iran, possibly looking to hire a few people who can speak Farsi. If interested look them up on the web and send in your resume.

Rosemary said...

Congratulations! Those are some pretty good ackolades (sp?). I was just on the phone begging them again. I also asked for money for the students and pro-democracy groups. I hope it works.

Sahar said...


Look at this:

Monica, You are funny... When I left that comment, I felt like I am hearing Daii jaan Napoleon... Have you seen it? You are right, I am pessimistic, specially when I see what is happening...

When I see AhmadiNejad in 60 minutes, the way that Wallace talks about him, when I see that Khatami is coming to US and when I see that it all looks like a big fat lie.

when I said Americans, I meant their governemnt... Although the gap between the government and people is much smaller in a democratic country, but they still need to be distinguished. Sorry for my mistake.

But if you mean that American government never supported this regime... Have you heard of religious belt? Do you know who supoprted that? NEVER SAY NEVER! What happened in Afghanistan with the Taliban, and in Iran with the ISLAMIC revolution was all supported (and it is documented) by US, and as they say it, it was religious belt against the communism. Their support made it possible. Now they realize that the non democratic government is not good for them either, that is why they are talking about democracy all of the sudden, but 25-30 years ago, do oyu think the American government wanted democracy in Iran? ..............

Chester said...

The Timmerman article is very good!

Winston said...

Sahar, the green belt and the creation of Islamic regimes in the region was a Democratic (LEFTIST) trick which really doesnt matter now!

Sherry said...

It's funny, I remember President Clinton back in March of 2000 at the United Nations meeting sitting and listening to Khatami's speech. He wanted to talk to him and shake his hand to try to bridge the gap. However, Khatami ran and locked himself in the bathroom for at least 10 minutes just so he wouldn't have to talk to Clinton. Clinton waited on him but then left after realizing Khatami wanted nothing to do with him.

However, I remember the massive earthquake in Bam. The USA and other countries put all differences aside just to help the people by providing food, medicines and other stuff. For a country who doesn't want any relations with us sure as heck accepted all our generosity. Where were they when Hurricane Katrina ravaged parts of Mississippi and New Orleans?

We elect our President every 4 yrs. Each President is different about doing things. We cannot live in the past. We must look to the future. I don't know what our government does all the time.

Did you not hear President Bush's speech he made to the citizens of Iran? He hears their cries and so does the EU. Why Hasn't anyone from the EU done anything?

The State Dept anounced that it doesn't have full access to what is actually going on over there.
They stated they were going to look into that matter and try to recruit people who speak Farsi and has knowledge to help them.


Winston said...

Sherry, they dont hire non-Americans.

Sahar said...


Why are you bringing up Katrina and Bam? That has nothing to do with what I said... Sorry.... It would have been nice if Iran had a government who would help people, but let me assure you, they do not even help people inside Iran, forget about Katrina survivors. They can help Hezbollah, but noone else.... Which is ia shame... But none of this has ANYTHING to do with my comment on green belt, does it?

Winston, I know what you mean for differences between democrats and republicans, but are they that different in this matter? Wasn't it Romsfeld who shook hands with Saddam?

Sahar said...

But all of that said, I am hoping that they have fidured out by now taht the religious belt is not what they want (in west) and that isolating middle east is not good for anyone... So let's hope they deal with this Islamic government appropriately, and hope taht it all ends in a way that it benefits all of us.

Winston said...

Rumsfeld went to Iraq to warn Saddam of using Chemical weapons in fronts against Iranians and Kurds... Believe me this is the case but let me tell you one fact that there are far more people from leftie camps who did shake hands not only with Saddam but with every single dictator on this planet.