Sunday, August 6, 2006

Unfair & Outrageous

LA Times / CBS 5 :
    Iranian Professionals' U.S. Visas Revoked

    ..."This is not the way to win Iranian hearts and minds"...
This is unfair and I believe there's a big gap between what US officials always say about people of Iran and their policies towards them. This is not something I understand if they want us to be on their side in the fight against the mullahcracy of Iran. This is an outrageous act, if you will.

Now regime will take advantage of this to show to the people of Iran how anti-Iranian people the policies of the US government is and the number of anti-Americans will grow bit by bit if these unfair acts continue. I mean this is some thing serious when you look at it through an ordinary citizen's point of view. has more


Chester said...

I'm sure the regime will take advantage of it. That's the worst part.

The blame should be on the regime though.
Unfortunately, the Iranian people are paying for the actions done and words said by the regime. Once again.

If hezbollah hadn't started this latest conflict with Israel, I doubt these people would have had their visas revoked. Then the regime came out and made threats against the U.S. about having suicide bombers and hezbollah members ready to take orders. It's understandable that Homeland Security had to tighten things up a bit more.

It was bad timing for these people.
But it's the regime's fault. The U.S. is just reacting to the situation that the regime caused.

Anar said...

winston. Couldn't agree more with you on this one. They say all the crap and ordinary people are the ones who should go through all the humulation.

Anonymous said...

The Iranian people are to blame for this, if they did not support their fascist dictators, then there wouldn't be a travel problem to any civilized country.

The people of Iran have chosen a path of death and destruction, it is hardly surprising that civilized nations will ostracize them.

Winston said...

gutless anon, how many Iranians you saw who support the mullahs?