Sunday, August 6, 2006

Repatriation Ceremony

I watched the repatriation ceremony of four Canadian troops killed in action live on CTV and it was really touching.

That's very important to show support for the mission in Afghanistan and the major role Canada is now playing in that corner of the globe. Beside that, we need to win over the defeatists, leftists and pro-jihadists at home too. These lunatics are going to be loud in their criticism of the PM Harper's government and it is our solemn duty to support the conservative government when it comes to important mission such as Afghanistan.

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Anonymous said...

The protests against censorship and the recapitulation of Harper are the only reasons you were able to watch the ceremony.
It is our solemn duty to support CANADA when it comes to ANY missions, such as Afghanistan (we are sorely missed in Darfur).
Governments come and go, Canada remains.
I bloody well support our troops! I have family over there so don't even start telling me I am a terrorist because I disagree with Canada's new government's stance or approach.
Criticism is NOT terrorism.