Sunday, August 6, 2006

al-Reuters altering photos of war

Little green footballs weblog finds a very interesting phony photo of the mideast conflict at al-Reuters web site. And the irony is that al-Reuters pulled the photo hours later and issued an apology.

Cox & Forkum has an awsome cartoon on this:


anon said...

They also fired the photographer

Anonymous said...

One thing I noticed in the Qoana charade photo was that not only was the same rescuer showing up in different shots, but one boy had a button-up shirt and then later wore a T-shirt .

Look closely at the advanced rigormortius and lack of blood
on victims of a building cave-in, recently a rescuer was removing a body and put a white sheet over it because it was dead, but the dead guy raised his right hand and kept it verticle as if to beg for help.

Gotta love that Hezbo-hollywood productions , how tough is it to play dead for less than a 30 second clip.

Johnson said...

How is that ironic?

Anonymous said...

The media often sympathized with fascists before WWII, it's nothing new unfortunately.

Why do people who sympathize with dictatorial regimes regardless of their ideology, communist or Islamic, gravitate towards employment in media? Big egos need the opportunity to vent themselves and they admire dictatorial big egos that get to control other people?

Tina said...

It's about time Reuters was exposed for what they are. At one time they were the gold standard, but their people have become so lazy and corrupt they will just buy whatever is offered.