Monday, August 7, 2006

Iran's proxy at war with Israel

More evidence showing the war in middle-east is between the Israel and the Islamic regime of Iran through Hezbollah terrorists. (Washington Post has more)

Iranian regime MP admits to arming Hezbollah!


Tina said...

I'm amazed that the Iranian people elected such a tiny little man. Don't they know that men that small usually suffer from Little Man Syndrome?

Little men start wars, little men make women and children suffer, just because they can.

Louise said...

As if the world didn't know that already.

monica zandi said...

"to tina," the iranian people DID NOT elect Amadinejad. There was a national boycott durning the elections, only about 15% came out and voted. Yet, to deter journalists skepticism, the regime cleverly placed hundreds of black chadored women at the voting booths to make it seem like people were out voiting...not the case at all.

in addition, are there any legit elections in the mid east? people always talk about hamas being "elected," but was that election in any way fair and open to all canidates? no.

Louise said...

To clarify, I was referring to Winston's post, not to tina's comment, although it works well as a response to her thoughts too.

shlemazl said...


Israel has free elections in the Middle East. Lebanon on the hand does not: candidates and voters in the South were intimidated by Hezbollah.


Great post. I knew about the prisoners, but wasn't aware that an Iranian MP contradicted his own Government.