Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Ways to jail in Iran

There are certain ways to be jailed in Iran. Being prosecuted by law may happen any where in the world, but in Iran you can be sentenced to a jail term for doing things no one would ever be jailed for in a free country. I am going to mention a few of them here for your reference.

1- Partying
2- Having a girl friend/boy friend
3- Talking shit against the mullahcracy
4- Kissing your opposite sex partner in public
5- Having a pet in public
6- Dressing against the Islamic code
7- Reading a banned printed material
8- Being caught listening to music (loudly)
9- Smoking joint/weed
10- Drinking alcohol

Next time, I will have a post on different silly ways to death in Iran.

Btw, let me know if you know there are other silly ways leading one to jail in Iran!

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monica zandi said...

being caught with bootleg dvds, cds, wearing too make up, tight clothes, being too pretty [yeah for real ive heard a girl being arrested in the mall for that], acting alittle gay- wait that might kill you, ummmmmlets see being happy and joyous in public will get you questioned i must presume, filming protests, taking photos of protests- wait that might kill you too....geesh