Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Lieberman concedes defeat

I do think Senator Joe Lieberman is a principled liberal, an old school democrat. Some one who you can enjoy arguing with and he is an old democrat who care about the United States and its image abroad. He is not like those stupid democRats who have become freaking far leftists through their hate for America and its values.

Any ways, this is not much to worry about yet. He said, he is going to run as an Independent and if elected, he will surely be a Republican senator in disguise and I am sure many Republican fellows will vote for him.

The path these new DemoNRats have taken will lead to annihilation of the United States of America and that's why I propose they stay out of power for the sake of goodness for the next 30 years until right wingers get the tough jobs done.


Chaya said...

This is off the topic but I need to know someting. there is an article about an article that Bernard Lewis wrote saying that the Iranian President (can never remember how to spell his name) is planning something for August 22 which coincides with an important date in Islamic history. What do you know about this? It is scaring me. (I live in Israel)

Concerning Joe Lieberman, he is a nice guy. I used to know him personally back in New Haven; we used to go to the same synagogue and sometimes went to his house in the afternoon on Shabbat, along with other congregants. I wish him well and success running an as Independent.

E J Hosdil said...

Joe will probably win as an Independent.

Louise said...

Chaya, try I-am-mad-about-jihad. It will do. Everyone will know who you are talking about.