Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Canada's moral obligation

These days we hear a lot of leftists' moaning and crying for withdrawal of Canadian troops from war torn Afghanistan and it makes me think of the obligation which Canada, as a country, has in that part of the world.

As secretary Rice said in her recent visit to Canada "west must not fail Afghanistan" and indeed she is right. Their failure is ours too.

It is the solemn duty of Canadians to stand behind the mission in Afghanistan, supporting the troops until they come home as victors and winners of this battle against forces of evil and darkness. We can not afford to lose the fight against the terrorists because if we fail, they'll eventually come back for us right here at home. The stakes are high and unfortunately leftists and commies don't get it because they never care about those suffering in the hands of mullahs, Taliban and other evil elements of our world. They are too selfish to care but lets make it clear that what they want shouldn't matter at all and shouldn't take away our confidence to accomplish the mission. Leftists never ever care about any one any where. All that matters to them is their own selves. They are certainly proven to be idiots and I am proud to call them idiot and selfish.

Any ways, Canada has a moral obligation to stay in Afghanistan as long as needed the same way US has a moral obligation to stay in Iraq as long as necessary. Afghanistan, fortunately, is not our Iraq and will never be one. But if we do not stay the course there, we will all regret it soon.

Let's get the job done and ignore the leftists! No cut & run please, not in my name...

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Jonathon Narvey said...

My sentiments exactly. I've been writing about very much the same thing on my own blog,

By the way, is the Winston pen name from Churchill or that guy from 1984? Just curious.

One other thing - I hadn't read that particular thread from the Western Standard before but I was embarrassed for the forum's moderators. From a casual viewing of the site it seems to draw in racist idiots like DJ.

Winston said...

It is from 1984...

John M Reynolds said...

Jonathon, the shotgun blog moderators do very little and prefer to have an open discussion. Besides, DJ was asking for equal representation in our armed forces from all racial groups within Canada. How is it racist to ask for equality?

Anonymous said...

Sadly, the momentum is already lost. It is politically impossible in the US to carry the War on Terror any further. Invading Iran is the only way to end the attacks in Afghanistan and Iraq, but that is exactly what the US citizens are now refusing to support.

We will be back to square one, eventually. Further effort can slow the backslide, but not reverse it, and once it is complete, the US will no longer respond to any provocation less than nuclear armageddon.