Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Flag Burning... Cool!

Look, the islamofascists have burned the American flag for the past 27 years and cheered when doing so and Americans never said any thing in protest to this action at all. Now, a group of students at a Texas university burned the flags of Islamic Republic and North Korea in protest to the actions of both Korean and Iranian regimes.

I think it is neat that they did so. I have no objection to this type of flag burning at all and I am sort of glad they burned the onion looking flag of the Islamic regime. It's not my flag though...

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Chester said...

Interesting that the Iranian teacher was offended.
Where do her sympathies lie?

Goesh said...

If you would, please, view this blog: (Neo-neocon) and view her latest post about Harvard having Khatami speak there.
As an Iranian resisting the oppression of the mullahs in your nation, a comment from you would well served and appreciated. In particular there is one respondent who defends this action of having Khatami speaking as some kind of honored guest. You could perhaps briefly address the repression under Khatamis rule and expose some more readers to your blog. I know you are very busy, but it would be nice if you could do this. Thanks.

Tina said...

I've often wondered what the world would think if Americans rampaged around the streets screaming "Death to....." fill in the blank.

Of course, we'd never scream Death to Iran. We have a lot of Iranians here in the states and we think they're pretty niffty people. They have great food, they're fun loving people (and for the most part very handsome people as well), they are polite and educated and we're rather fond of them. We figure if the ones we have here are so great, then there's about 70 million that are just as nice over there in Iran. The people aren't the problem, it's just the Mad Mullahs.

Hmmmm, perhaps we should run around screaming "Death to the Mad Mullahs" :o)

Astuga said...

Besides, flag burning creates jobs. ;)

Red Violin said...

Goesh: See my responses over at the