Tuesday, September 12, 2006

No Freedom

Shargh newspaper was the only paper I used to read back in Iran, and Mullahs have decided to close it, reports Gurdian.

It won't take much longer for the clerical establishment of Iran to close, shut and shoot every one who has a legitimate question about their destructive performance.

Rooz Online has more on this


Anonymous said...
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Lance Kennedy said...


kupablo said...

i also really liked it and i hope it will come back to work soon

Winston said...

Thanks Lance for the heads up.

I will post some thing on it. Actually I like their idea.

Anonymous said...

Nobody in Iran is armed, except the security forces and the basijjis. The 2cd Amendment of the US Constitution acknowledges the right of citizens to bear arms. This means US citizens can protect themselves from violent criminals, savage animals and dictators, like your mullahs. I sincerely hope the people of Iran can somehow remove the mullah dictators but at this stage of the game, it is impossible to confront them when at anytime they can apply force and violence against the people wanting freedom. If the West attacks Iran's nuclear resources and military forces, will the people rise up in rebellion? That is the critical question being asked at present. There is no clear answer to that question at present.