Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Enemies of Iran

It's been a while since I suggested that any one who loves seeing a free Iran must expose those Islamic regime sympathizers who live among us here in North America.

These may not be regime agents or deliberately working for the mullahs, but they pave the way for nasty propaganda of the Islamic regime and that makes all of us think that these people are in bed with the criminal regime of Iran and may be benefiting from what's going on in Iran. Simply, these idiots don't care about the Iranian people. To them, Iranians are better with the mullahs and criminals ruling Iran.

I have thought about this a lot and whenever I see one of these stupid bloggers, activists or professors tries to whitewash the regime, I just want to spit on his/her face and tell him/her to get the hell out of this country if he's in love with the mullahs of Iran.

Moreover, we need to make sure that mass media do not use them as experts on Iranian related issues since they have no interests in informing the people of world of what is really happening inside of Iran and instead they wish to portray Iran as a free and tolerant society where people can have different opinions. Their anti-US rhetoric sounds just like that of the Islamic regime too, and this is not the only thing they have in common, in fact there are more but their anti-freedom, anti-US agenda make every single reasonable man to think these lunatics either work for the regime or sympathize with the criminals occupying Iran today.

Here in this post, I'd like to make a list of people who sympathize with the mullahs of Iran and deny the fact that Iran is occupied by crazy people who prevent their own citizens of basic human rights. Their main crime is to defend the criminal mullahs of Iran and therefore I blame them for that. Please let me know if there are others who may fit in this category. Here is the list:

Houshang Amir Ahmadi, as Kenneth Timmerman says in his latest book, always defends the mad mullahs at any given time and wants the US to have talks with the illegitimate regime of Iran. He is, as Timmerman says, a former member of communist party of Iran.

Bahman Kalbasi, the Iranian gay living in Toronto who acts like the pressure groups leader. A few weeks ago, when he couldn't tolerate an article in Toronto Sun, he gathered a handful of lunatics like himself to protest in front of the Toronto Sun newspaper's office. Just because he couldn't write some thing in response to that piece of paper, he did it. By the way, he is the only gay defending the very mullahs who are killing people like him, homosexuals, in Iran. In the last illegitimate elections, he encouraged people to vote for Rafsanjani and his Mafia.

hoder, the infamous bi-sexual Iranian blogger who thinks the Iranian political prisoners are the same as Guantanamo detainees and therefore they deserve to be jailed. He definitely advocates the crazy agenda of the reformollahist part of the Islamic regime of Iran. My fellow blogger Azarmehr has more about this sycophant.

Niki Akhavan who defends the current theocracy of Iran and hates the US just like a mullah does, and Egyptian sandmonkey is right about her by saying too. She is also married to a Saddamist lunatic. She hates US, but doesn't have guts to leave for where she belongs to.

Sima who most people think she is on a bursary of the Iranian regime in the US. She hates US, loves Mullahs and reformollah and never writes a single word about the plight of the Iranian people for greater freedoms. She is one of the enemies of the Iranian people.

Nazli the cheapest blogger of all ages within the expat community, her main specialization is in lewd acts while smoking weed. She loves islamists and suicide bombers but hates Israel and sounds like an anti-Semitic fat head. Any ways, there are strong rumors in the Iranian community that her father works for the Rafsanjani Mafia in Iran.

So-called Prof. Dabashi of Columbia university, a pro-jihadist professor, who once denied that 9/11 attacks were done by Arab terrorists. He is an anti-semitic individual who hails the criminal mullahs, hates Israel and US and refuses to recognize the freedom movement of the Iranian people. Read More

I'll add more individuals and entities to this list as I blog. Please stay tuned...

Updated 1: A List of Pro-Regime People


Anonymous said...

You need to contact Professor Daniel M. Zucker - He thinks Trita Parsi is a Vevak and he also mentions other Vevak and MOIS agents in the US and how they operate. Please read the entire article:

C.H. said...

Anonymous - You mean the Trita Parsi who had a fund raiser for Sen. Biden?
Everyone knows where his loyalties lie.
Thanks for the link

Anonymous said...

The thing you seem to overlook is the fact that no one administration necessarily represents America as a whole. There’s more to America than Bush and Chaney. There’s more to America than a couple of bad politicians. So therefore, defending America and Americanism does not necessarily mean blindly defending the policies of Bush and Chaney! Bush and Chaney and Rumy are people with personal agendas, who don’t seek the interest of the American people or any other people for that matter.

Also, just because some people question or criticize the policies of Bush and Chaney, it doesn’t mean they’re pro-Mullah.

And don’t forget that your beloved Shah of Iran was in fact ousted with the approval and by the assistance of the same American political lords whose butts you kiss blindly.

Rosemary said...

CAIR is totally pro-Islamist. So are most of our college professors, unfortunately.

Winston said...

Anon, Daniel Zucker supports terror groups such as MEK. I can't talk to idiots who support terrorists

Winston said...

C.H, it was not Biden, it was Congressman Bob Ney

Chester said...

Lol. You're right. The signatories of that Letter to President Bush are probably 95% (or more) pro-regime.

C.H. said...

No. It was Biden.
Couple years ago in CA.

C.H. said...

Yes, Zucker does seem to support using MEK to oppose regime, sorry to say. However, that link that anonymous provided is very interesting, and what Zucker has to say about univ. professors and other Iranian 'experts' is exactly what I think.
I hope the White House is aware.

Anonymous said...

Winston: Thanks. I had no idea he was a supporter of the marxist/islamist MEK(the most lethal kind) of terrorists.

Anonymous said...


One of the biggest problems with 'renowned scholars' at 'America's finest institutions' is they have never worked outside of academia, have never served in the military, and have never worked in policy where you get some of the government's digested intelligence reports. The list is a great idea, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Getting desperate, liars?

mukhtar said...

These pretzels are making me thirsty. Someone get me a blintz.