Tuesday, September 26, 2006

It is Bush's fault

Tonight, CNN's AC360 showed a piece on how some US military recruiters have pryed on and abused female enlistees while trying to recruit for the US armed forces. I think what CNN was trying to imply was as disgusting as the crimes of these recruiters. The CNN piece was saying that these female teen-agers were abused because president Bush passed "No Child Left Behind" act back in 2001 and part of that act asks schools to let military recruiters in their permises where they can speak to students about military and therefore, more money goes to schools which let them in.

So here it is CNN saying that those enlistees were abused because Bush signed that act and therefore it is Bush's fault. I do believe MSM suffer greatly from Bush derangement syndrome, which is not new and they just can't stop hating Bush and whatever he does.


programmer craig said...

I recall a flurry of rapes by male drill instructors of female recruits at Army boot camps back in the 1990s. I don't recall CNN blaming Bill Clinton for that, though. And if they are going to use this sort of twisted reasoning, they certainly should have, as it was the Clinton Administration that pused for mixing males together with females in the same communal living quarters. A very bad idea, and one I'm glad the Marine Corps never adopted.

Rosemary said...

One correction. If publicly funded do not allow recruiters on their premises, they lose their public funds. It isn't that they get more, they lose whatever they received before! It's about time, too!