Friday, September 22, 2006

Letter to America

I have lost my respect for Akbar Ganji, the Iranian dissident who came out of mullahs' prison as the so-called hero of the Iranian democracy movement but turned out to be as much anti-America, anti-Bush as his colleagues in the Iranian regime. I lost my respect for him when he met with Noam Chomsky, criticized Israel and asked the leftists Iranians not to cooperate with the monarchsists and supporters of crown prince Reza Pahlavi to overthrow the regime. He actually disappointed many many Iranians who thought this man is a hero in the struggle against the mad mullahs of their occupied country.

Any how, he is flip-flopping again, like any other islamists, and he writes a letter to the Americans asking them to have a dialogue with the criminal mullahs.

The letter can be read at Washington Post web page.


Chester said...

It was a curious 'letter'.
He did say that the forces that dominated the revolution denied peoples' free will and that the mullah's ideology treats all the people like children. I was surprised he said that. He also said, "our rulers do not represent the Iranian people and that their religion is not the religion of the entire nation."
I suppose that could still be construed as reformist talk.

This letter sounds more like a plea not to attack Iran.

na said...

Akbar Ganji?...forget him...he is upset, because he hasn't got a piece of cake.the cake of power.. i promise you ,he still wanna an islamic republic after his taste!!
forget him."Dog ist the brother of hyena.

Terry Crane said...

Tired, sad, frustrated, like if I was back there again. Winston, you maybe tired of my comments, but all this strange "opposition" is nothing new. Commies had those "approved dissidents" - those who appose the government while agreeingwith the foundation of the system. They have proven themselves very effective in directing attention away and in helping to identify potential dissent for prosecution or murder.

So it is all the same, yet invoking the "religion" priviledge obfuscates the picture for most.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ganji’s views concerning Iran and its government are very different from those of the man who was allowed to address the General Assembly of the United Nations on September 22, 2006 in the name of the Iranian people. In an article in today’s issue of the Washington Post Mr. Ganji bravely proclaims: “We want the world to know that our rulers do not represent the Iranian people and that their religion is not the religion of the entire nation...” He adds: “We believe the government of Tehran is seeking a secret deal with the United States. It is willing to make any concession, provided that the United States promises to remain silent about the regime’s repressive measures at home.”
Ganji is right about the regime's willingness to make a deal with the US regardless of whether he is a reformist or not.

Bill Baar said...

He did say the Mullah's are looking for a deal and I thought wary the West would cut a deal at the expense of the opposition in Iran.

Rosemary said...

No, the POTUS will not make a deal with Iran. Not the kind you're talking about.

He (Bush) does not want to go to war with Iran because of her people. We are still trying to find a way to help the people come up with a way to overthrow the government themselves.

So please stop sounding like defeatists. I know your hearts are in the right place, but the subject here is Ganji.

I am very disappointed, but not as much. Did you read the letter he sent to his mentor? I never knew was PART OF THE GOVERNMENT when I was writing for his release.

I made a decision at that time to swallow hard and continue. What I was doing was right, so I should go forward. I was hoping he would be grateful for all the people who pleaded for him, but he turned French on us! Go figure...