Sunday, September 24, 2006

Liar, Liar

There is not one single honest bone in the entire islamic regime's body, not just one. The Iranian regime is consisted of liars and fabricators.

Mad president of Iran, Iammadinjihad, says President Bush can talk to the Iranian nation every night and nothing will be solved. May be that's why none of the regime's news agencies published the Bush's speech which addressed the people of Iran.

All I could find was two manipulated and mistranslated sentences of Bush's speech on regime's Fars News Agency (persian language).

To better show you the big lies the Iranian regime propaganda machine is spreading, I urge you to check this piece which is saying Bush met with Saddam to find out how they can increase violence in Iraq.

The entire Iranian regime is a big lying entity...


Louise said...

They should take lessons from AP and Reuters on how to doctor photos. They've done a piss poor job.

Terry Crane said...

And US intelligence community and the State Department are not doing their job properly, because it is their responsibility to make sure that the speach, translated to all Iranian languages, reach as many potential listeners/readers/viewers as possible.