Sunday, September 3, 2006

More Book Review

I wrote about the book I'm reading now and then I came across a wonderful review by Mr. Amir Taheri at Al-Sharq Al-awsat newspaper which is a must read.

I am not done with the Guests of the Ayatollah yet but I am pretty unhappy with the contents of it. It's very detailed and well written but it is also very biased and one handed towards the Iranian history and royal family. It sounds as if the author just wants to curse the late Shah of Iran for things he has not really done and then blame the entire mess on his majesty.

It's unfair... Yes, We're truly sorry for the hostage taking but let's not forget that it was idiot president Carter who didn't support the Shah in the first place and let that tragedy happen.

Any ways, read it here


مهران said...

حیف که من یک کلمه انگلیسی نمی دونم وگرنه میگفتم تنکیو!

Mehran said...

chand bar be farsi comment gozashtam nashod. man hich english nemidoonam vagrna migoftam tankyou!

Chester said...

Very interesting review by Amir Taheri. Thanks

Winston said...

مهران از لطفت ممنونم