Saturday, September 2, 2006

Plane Crash... Again!

I once wrote about the C-130 crash back in December 2005 and the fact that mullahs blame US for any failure in Iran. Unfortunately, a Russian airplane crashed in NE of Iran (BBC) and many lost their dear lives and Mullahs want to blame this on the US embargos again.

I decided not to mention any thing again about this terrible plane crash but just couldn't keep quiet when the idiot mullahs blame the USA for crash of a Russian airliner so I am going to re-post parts of my previous input:
    Every time a tragedy like this happens in Iran, the regime claims that it is due to US Sanctions imposed on the nation since 1979 (However they never mention the main reason behind such sanctions) but I'd like to ask them some very simple questions:

    How is it possible that you (mullahs) can buy all sorts of banned stuff for your own nuclear programs (Read WMD programs) through heavily supervised black markets of Asia and Europe but you can not buy simple spare parts for your aging fleet of airplanes? Is it not because of your disregard for the Iranian people's lives?
What else can one say?


همایون (Hami) said...

Thanks for your recent comment on my English weblog. You are entitled to your opinions despite their being erroneous. Speaking against the likes of the Neo Cons should not and does not translate into advocating for the reactionary regime of the Islamic Republic. By the way, neo conservatism is based in part on a reactionary return to theocracy, and in that it shares many of the charatristics of the Islamic regime. Good luck!

Winston said...

Well, that's what leftists believe and you are dead wrong.

jimmytheleg said...

Great stuff as always winston.

The whole great Satan exuse is getting a little stale, but what do we expect from a nation that paterns it's policical reactions on the Cuba model. Blame America First.

Also great react to hami (with swiss cheese for brain), and since most of the "evil neos" are Jewish...I'm confused about theocracy?!?!?!?!?!

Rosemary said...

Winston, I am sad for those whom have lost their lives and their families. As for blaming America, isn't that what the Democrats do? Hmm...

programmer craig said...


By the way, neo conservatism is based in part on a reactionary return to theocracy

That was a poorly thought out statement. Some of the most prominent neocons are jewish. Exactly what kind of theorcracy do you think they want to impose on the US? Judaism? Or do you think Jews want to live under an extremist Christian government? That diodn't work very well for them in middle-ages europe!