Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Enemy of the Enslaved

Chester has a fine piece on the idiocy of people like Scott Ritter, former US Marine and UN Weapons Inspector in Iraq and soon to be Mullahs' friend, who sound like the speakers of the Islamic regime of Iran in the western media


Anonymous said...

How funny. I just read his idiotic peice and was trying to find his email to tell him how he's been had by the IRI. Obviously, he is the sharpest tool in the shed....hahaha

programmer craig said...

I hate that guy. He's an embarrassment to my Marine Corps. Do you know he actually travelled to Iraq before the war and gave anti-American speeches?

Considering the kinds of things he was saying about Saddam not having complied with the UN weapons inspections in front of the US congress, I have to assume he has been bought and paid for in some way. I just hope he gets caught, sooner or later.

کامران said...

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navid said...

unfortunatelly mullah´s have many american friends like Mrs.albright and jimmy carter ect..

Rosemary said...

Do you remember the term, "useful idiots"? I heard somewhere the other day another term that is strikingly appropriate: Dangerous Idiots.