Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Feeling to puke

Well, yeah, PM Blair is right but he is just saying it in a politically correct way, that the wearing of full face veils by Muslim women is a "mark of separation" and made some "outside the community feel uncomfortable".

Every time I see one of these burqa wearing muslim woman on campus or streets, it makes me feel bad and I want to puke. Honestly, it is offending. Some body got to tell them if you think the country you're living in is insecure and corrupt, then you are in the wrong place and you should go back to where you belong. These women in bags offend me very much.

Londonistan really helps you realize what kind of a threat these radical Islamists pose to western civilization and how naive west is to deal with this growing threat.


Aryamehr said...

Islam is a CLEAR and PRESENT threat towards western civilization. For God's sake we are trying to bring Iran out of this shiite and then we have politicians in Europe being so accomodating to Islam and Islamists! Half of the UK is muslim pakistanis, indians...!

shlemazl said...


Have you seen this video on the treatment of women in Iran?

Winston said...

Shlemzal, I have seen that before. Thanks!