Sunday, October 8, 2006

Fox News in Virgina

I am still in Virginia state watching Fox News, and it is talking about the first nuke test by North Korea, which is really interesting.

I am so glad I can watch Fox News channel and wish we could get this fine channel in Canada too. It's definitely better than CNN (crappy news network).


Muttering In Manitoba said...

Hi Winston,

Fox News is available in Canada from some cable and satellite TV providers (e.g. Bell ExpressVu).

If memory serves, the CRTC was more inclined to approve al-Jazeera than they were to approve Fox News!

programmer craig said...

FOX is good. I wish there was credible competition for them though, might improve their coverage. I do feel they tilt too far to the right, but a lot less than CNN tilts towards the European left.

Chester said...

Brit Hume's show late in the afternoon is the best. It gets repeated late at night.