Thursday, October 5, 2006

Here I am

Okay, I am in the United States of America. I will keep you posted about my trip to the land of the free, home of the brave.

I'll have some meetings with some people in Washington DC and then I am planning to do some sight seeing in NYC, San Francisco and most parts of southern California.

My lifetime dream has come true!


na said...

wow,san francisco? grate city..most european and most beautiful city in united state... the best sight seeing places:
-coit tower
-trans america
-golden gate ;)
-cable car museum
-place of fine art

sina said...

have a nice time mate and give my best to Richard :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Winston: That's wonderful.

Make sure you visit Westwood (Tehrangeles), Santa Monica and the Brentwood area. Go to 'Darya Restaurant' in Santa Monica and eat the best chicken kobideh kabob ever in your life. Enjoy.

Aryamehr said...

Have a great time Winston - all the best to you.

programmer craig said...

Good picks! There's a lot to see in the US but I couldn't suggest anything better than DC, NYC, San Francisco and Los Angeles! Have fun, Winston :)

Chester said...

Welcome to the United States of America!!!

Rosemary said...

When you're in NYC, do NOT look up! We can all tell who the tourists are. lol. Walk with confidence, even if you are lost. Don't be frightened if someone on a horse tries to pull you is a police officer. lol.

I hope you have a wonderful trip, and may God bless and protect you. (CAIR is always on the lookout. They are radicals.)

Rosemary said...

Dear Winston,

WELCOME! (I was so excited, I forgot to say this in my first comment.) If you're going to be in LA, CA, I live here! :) If you e-mail me, maybe we could have coffee or diet-coke. (I don't really drink coffee.)

I hope and pray you let those people in DC know everything you've been writing about. Such as the way they are allowing these criminals into our country is disspiriting the Iranian people back home. You know what to say. I just hope you get to meet the President. WOW! I'm so jealous! Not! (Jealousy is a sin.)

Have a fantastic time. :)

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jimmytheleg said...

Hey Winston welcome to:
The Land Of The Free
Because Of The Brave.

Don't worry, some day your home will be free, and then, maybe, I will come to your home nation and wander around like a tourist.