Sunday, October 29, 2006

Mullahs & Democrats

Iranian regime news agency Fars quotes Tehran interim friday prayer leader as saying some thing that one may only hear from leftist demoNratic statesmen in the U.S.
    Addressing a large fervent congregation of the worshippers on Tehran University Campus today, Khatami noted the upcoming US Congress elections and the decisive role that the election results will play on the next presidential elections in that country, and said, "The savage and devilish acts and performances of Bush, as a Republican, have placed his party in a very critical condition."
I don't see any difference between this freaking mullah and those democratic party members who repeat these silly B.S as well. How about you?

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Ikez said...

certainly our unbiased msm will pick this up and report it, right?

Rosemary said...

Why, oh why, does our president keep allowing these 'people' access to America? Argghhh!