Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Must See

A Must See for non-believers and those who deny that jihadists exist. Actually it terrifies me and makes me wonder what the long-term solution to this Islamic virus can be. I'm, literally, scared of these Islamofascist assholes but am willing to take up weapons to fight them if need be.

Like I've always said, Islam is the deadliest virus of our age and radical Muslims/Islamofascists are patients of this virus. There's no cure to this disease other than spreading hope and freedom...


Muttering In Manitoba said...

Hi Winston,

While I agree with your comments about the Obsession movie, whoever put it on YouTube did us all a disservice. The creators of the movie count on movie sales to fund future documentaries. A much better approach would be to purchase a copy of the movie and show it to one's family, friends and acquaintances.

The movie can be purchased for $19.95 US at

Canadians should choose to have it delivered by mail. Compared to UPS, the duties and fees are minimal.

Maya M said...

Winston, when you feel afraid of the Islamofascists, I advise you to think of the many factors that can take our lives - the car and plain crashes, the natural disasters, the incurable infectious diseases like AIDS, the cancer and heart diseases etc. Then, add the Islamists to the list. Just another scourge in a world which has never been designed to be comfortable for human habitation.
We in Europe tend to be easily frightened by Islamists, with awful results. Al Qaida exploded the Spanish subway - and the Spaniard rewarded them by voting for the candidate preferred by Al Qaida. Islamists exploded the London subway - and now police must take approval from Muslim leaders before making anti-terror raid (?). Not mentioning the plans to build a giant mosque in London and the growing number of veiled women countered so far just with shy remarks. I remember when a security camera helped to catch the abductors and killers of a small British boy. Now, every pedophile can put on the bag-like gear of Heaven-aspiring female Islamists and go kidnapping children without fearing any security cameras.
(BTW there is a good comparison of photos of women from London and Tehran on the "Or does it explode" blog - check it if you haven't yet.)

Anonymous said...

Islam is not worthy of the Persian people. Ive read history. I wish all you Persian to become Christians or at least theists without Islam --ohhh how saudi arabia would shudder in fear!