Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Don't leave Iraq

"Do not leave Iraq, USA" is what most Iraqis are saying today. Every idiot leftist is saying US troops must withdraw from Iraq but they don't talk about the consequences that this premature withdrawal would have for the poor people of Iraq, who at the same time wish to live in peace and democracy. Those who want the US out of there have no sympathies for the Iraqis and their hatred for America drives them to keep asking for US troops being withdrawn from that country.

If we leave Iraq, what happens to the supporters of democracy? Christopher Hitchens says it would be devastating:
    But the many disappointments and crimes and blunders (the saddest of which is the utter failure to influence Iran, and the corresponding advantage taken by Tehran-backed militias) do not relieve us of a responsibility that is either insufficiently stressed or else passed over entirely: What is to become, in the event of a withdrawal, of the many Arab and Kurdish Iraqis who do want to live in a secular and democratic and federal country? We have acquired this responsibility not since 2003, or in the sideshow debate over prewar propaganda, but over decades of intervention in Iraq's affairs, starting with the 1968 Baathist coup endorsed by the CIA, stretching through Jimmy Carter's unforgivable permission for Saddam Hussein to invade Iran, continuing through the decades of genocide in Kurdistan and the uneasy compromise that ended the Kuwait war, and extending through 12 years of sanctions and half-measures, including the "no-fly" zones and the Iraq Liberation Act, which passed the Senate without a dissenting vote. It is not a responsibility from which we can walk away when, or if, it seems to suit us.
Like I have always said, US led coalition forces have a moral duty to stay in Iraq until the job is done and until those who are responsible for this mess in that country are taken care of. By "those responsible for this mess" I mean Iranian and Syrian governments. These rogue regimes must be dealt with before the coalition can leave Iraq. Because the minute US led forces leave Iraq, Iranian and Syrian regimes will start slaughtering the secular and democratic forces of Iraq. That shouldn't happen...


Rosemary said...

I understand and agree with you. There is no way President Bush is going to leave.

The Rats are not going to take over the government, but even if they did? They don't have the votes to stop funding the war. Do not worry.

Anonymous said...

We can't Leave Iraq until we find a strategy to deal with Iran