Thursday, November 2, 2006

Love in mullahs' Iran

The above pictures show how an un-married couple can get arrested in public in the Islamic Republic of Iran. And the above images show exactly what happened to me back in 1997 when me and my female classmate were arrested for sitting next to each other in a downtown Tehran park. We had to spend a night in jail and appear before an Islamic judge the next morning and we were fined and sentenced to 50 lashes.

Can you believe it?

(h/t Azarmehr)

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Muttering In Manitoba said...

Hi Winston,

Was the sentence of 50 lashes actually carried out?

Rosemary said...

I'm so sorry that happened to you. I hate them. I better not say any more.

Anonymous said...

more photos of this series

Anonymous said...

You had such an experience in 1997, I had the same one in 2005! My girlfriend and I got condemned for 25 lashes for having "rabete na mashroo" in Golestan complex :D
It's funny!

Anonymous said...

How sad and pathetic.

Terry Crane said...

I don't know if the girl was worth it, but the freedom most definitely was - and still is. You know, "whatever doesn't kill you, makes you stronger". You guys turned out stronger, and I hope one day you will topple that insane regime.

Don't forget to administer 50 lashes for "avoiding friendly and polite communication with opposite sex". Bad joke, sorry. Yet I'll keep it in this post as a remedy of absurd.

kupablo said...

unbeleivable !!!
if i get it right it is just the park policeman who arrest them, not the islamic guards, right?