Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Happy Jihadists

Well, it is the reality now. GOP lost the control of the US House of Representatives and DemoNRats took control. The future of the US Senate is still unknown and all depends on recounts in Virginia and Montana states.

Any ways, some people are very happy now and those are Defeatists and Rats themselves, Jihadists all over the world, Mullahs of Iran, idiot leftists, Osama Bin Laden and America haters.

I congratulate them all and wish them a very pleasant victory over the rest of us since "the rest of us" didn't feel like defeating them.

This couldn't be any better for all a$$holes of the world. I congratulate the Jihadists and Defeatists altogether. Happy? You should be. Your allies won.

پیروزی دموکراتهای احمق درانتخابات امریکا رو به عموم مسلمانان ، کمونیستهای دو اتشه ، دشمنان امریکا و دوستداران اخوندها و تروریستها تبریک میگم


Sina said...

Dear Winston,
Don't you worry my friend, GOP won't have a slight problem at the house.I am gonna write something about in details in my blog if I can find some time.See,the democrats who won the election (eg Bob Casey in PE) are way too conservative for a liberal party like American Democrats. Democrats are closer than ever to the White house(not all of them obviously).
I just do hope Bush finishes the unfinished business' during the remaining 2 years of the office.

Rosemary said...

President Bush is going to address everyone on the TV in about 20 minutes. (He will NOT desert his Military). My time is 9:40am. Have a great day.

Tina said...

All is not lost Winston. It's going to be tough, but the beauty of the system our founding fathers fashioned is that there is not too much power invested in any one branch.

Yes, they have the house and the senate, but just as the democrats were able to stop legislation by threatening to filabuster (only need 40 for that) the republicans can stop anything they want.

Only problem will come with the confirmation of judges. Other than that I'm not too worried. They can't "stop the war".

Tigger said...

No, I think all is lost. What about this new Secretary of Defence, the author of a well-known report saying it's time to forget about regime change in Iran...?

RokhSaareh said... chon englisi kheyli ghavi nistam be hamin farsi behetoun tabrik migam...khoshhalam ke demokratha ray mamnoon ke be man sar zadi...khoshhal shodam az ashnaii ba webloget douste khob...movafagh bashi:)

Roy Eappen said...

Winston Chaarles Krauthammer thinks this may be good for 2008 election. Don't give up hope. In 2 years we will beat back the dems. Also the dems elected are very conservative!

عادل مشرقی said...

Senate is also gone!!!

have fun buddy....
btw no worries....its fine

have fun :D:D:D