Saturday, November 25, 2006

Like we didn't know

TIME magazine reports that "Iran and Syria Helping Hizballah Rearm".
    ...the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Iran's Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) are using the Iranian embassies in Damascus and Beirut as command and control centers...
Didn't we already know this? Iranian regime has Syria and Lebanon as its colonies and uses them to influence the region and spread the disease of Islamic revolution through out the middle east.

There is no way to stop the mullahs of Iran other than regime change. It's the only way to stop this cycle of violence that is taking place through the mideast region.

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Atieh said...

I hope you had read all of my blog
I can't imagine how could you name me Lefties??!!!

SERENDIP said...

Great post. Check out this moron from Iran who's been published by Washington Post.

Tina said...

It's going to have to be regime change from within Winston.

It's going to be interesting to see the historical lookback at these times. Just think about how history looked at the English people as they stood around Chamberlin waiving that stupid piece of paper and proclaiming "Peace in our Time".

Frieda said...

My parents just moved out from Iran. They say that people are no mood for regime change from inside. Poeple are too busy to make a living to survive. Everyone is affraid of the regime. and the funny thing is EU and the LIberals insist that regime change has to come from within.

I am tired of dreaming of a change!

Winston said...

Freida, I agree with your view to a certain point and I believe Iranians are very tired to rise against this brutal regime

Terry Crane said...


I grew up in the USSR, and learned to extract valuable information from biased, corrupt and ideologically-driven media.

The piece of valuable information here is not that Syria and Iran supply Hezbs - we knew that - but that some media outlets decided to acknowledge this.

Terry Crane said...

Winston, after what happened in Iraq, a regime change from outside is unlikely. "Knock down power, let then be a civilised Democracy" didn't work. They don't know how to "Knock down power and install a benevolet dictator like in Singapore". And "knock down power repeatedly until a friendly one emerges" is not morally acceptable.

Ira Silverman said...

Of course, Hezbollah is being resupplied.
What else could be expected?
Great American error thinking getting rid of Saddam would solve anything.
As in Yugoslavia with Tito's death, the floodgates were opened, and then Clinton adopted pro-Moslem policy and the Serbs were decimated.
Getting rid of Milosevic, fine, the Serbs with their record of fighting Hitler should have been supported, not excoriated.
Now with Bush 41 crowd (James Baker) in the saddle, expect unremitting pressure on Israel to continue accompanied by Iraqi failure to avoid civil war, so once again Iran and the mullahs win, and the West takes it on the chin once more, Viet Nam 1975 style.

I. Fang said...

A regime change seems like an unreachable dream. I wish that Ahmedinijad would at least be banned of public world wide courtesies. Currently he is invited to the UN, his military supported by RUSSIA (as a supplier of weapons) and his Nuclear projects are not stopped.
Not even Bush is talking about a regime change now.

Azarmehr said...


Looks like after giving a known IRI agent like Hossein Derakhshan, a column, Washington Post has now got another Hoder side kick blog columnist, Maziar Bahari! Maziar Bahari often quotes Hossein Derakhshan and I think they have written some joint articles too.

I read his article, interesting he points out 4 things US must do in negotiations with IRI, but nothing about what IRI must do.

Now going back to what is said in this post. The thing is IRI can not tolerate any emerging democracy anywhere in the region. IRI is so frightened that any successful democracy in the region will be an example for Iranian people to follow. Take a look at the Islamic Republic meddling in Bahrain and how IRI has bankrolled radical Shiite parties and trained Shiite militants there.

Azarmehr said...

IRI will bankroll and train anyone who will destabilise democracies in the region. IRI's biggest fear is a stable successful democracy in the region that can be an example to the Iranian people. Look how IRI even interferes in Bahrain by bankrolling and training Shiite militants.

Serendip, isnt it funny how Maziar Bahari, Hossin Derakhshan's partner and side kick, points out 4 things US must do in negotiations with IRI but nothing about what IRI must do! And look at how he degrades the Iranian male population at the end of his article. I thought it was very offensive.

Motori said...

@ azarmehr
Totally biased and meaningless report from this Bahari person, here is a copy and paste section from his report:

<< A couple of years later Iranians helped the Americans to get rid of a fellow evil regime in Iraq. I was in south east Iran in March 2003 and could see American planes flying over our heads despite our government's denial that it allowed the American to use its territory.>>

It is truly amusing. south east of Iran is Baluchistan. Is this guy for real? American planes had to fly over Baluchistan in order to topple saddam?
I admit my English is not that good but I still laughed when I saw him saying << A couple of years ago>>
As you mentioned he did not allocate any responsibility toward mulla regime it is all US government's fault.
And his remark about Britney Spear and Iranian men was ludicrous if not total belittling of fellow Iranians.