Thursday, November 16, 2006

PM Harper on China

Canada's PM Harper confronts Communist China in a way no Canadian could expect the previous governments to do:
    Canada won't "sell out" on human rights to promote trade and investment with China, Prime Minister Stephen Harper says.
This is almost unprecedented in Canadian politics and PM Harper makes all freedom loving people of the world proud by his recent stance.


Azadeh said...

I'm proud of him, his leadership, his intelligence and as Canadian prime minster.

"Human/peace loving" NDPs and LPs should learn from this so called "Conservative" man what humanity means.

This is Irony of our time that "Right" is more for Freedom than Left.

Sina said...

Canadian Tories are great!

SERENDIP said...


As of now, Bush refuses to accept the Baker line and kow tow to Syria and Iran. Let's hope he sticks to his guns. History will belong to him.

Hope this cheers you up.

Azadeh said...

I really don't feel Bush has gut to do anything serious. i'm pretty sure he will bow to the pressure eventually...don't give yourself false promises, otherwsie you become frustrated as "The Sprint of Man" does..

Plan for next election to elect a strong President with strong leadership, competent staff and above all INTELLIGENCE, you know ...I.Q.,... please...

i beleive no matter what political party she/he belongs she/he will straigth things out and not bowing to radical crazy mullahs or fundamentalists and crash them all

but personaly i wish Conservatives win