Friday, November 17, 2006

Regime Agent

Seems it is not just me who thinks clueless asshole journalists like Laura Rozen could be on Iranian regime's payroll. I'm so angry that I can't even be politically correct any more. It bugs me to see these freaking journalists trying to bash every one who fights for a free and democratic Iran.

Her latest idiotic article titled Iran Hawks Reorganize is laughable and full of BS.

Let's assume that all the players such as Fakhravar, Mohammadi brothers, Richard Perle and Michael Ledeen et al. are as evil as this moron claims, You know what? I am better off with these so-called evils and I want them to help us get rid of idiots like you and mullahs of Iran. These freaks not only suffer from BDS illness, they also suffer from other real mental illnesses that prevent them from seeing the true evil which is the Islamic regime of Iran.

UK based Iranian blogger, Azarmehr, says it all:
    Finally my last words to Laura Rozen and the likes of her in the West is this. I understand you are anti neo-con, Perle and Bush etc. This is your privilige which living in a democracy entitles you to, but why try to sacrifice our comrades who have suffered so much? And if you do not want the Iranian pro-democracy activists to associate themselves with the neo-cons, then try to help them yourselves. Win them over, write about their plight, mention the brutality of the religious apartheid in Iran. Until that happens, I can't blame Iranian activists for accepting help from wherever it comes.
He's absolutely right. These clueless journalists are disgusting...

This is a fact that people of Iran want Bush-Cheney & Co. to help them take their country back. So please, Laura, shut up, shove it or swallow it, I dont know. It's up to you how to take this fact and digest it. I just wonder what you could do if you were an Iranian living under the rule of the very mullahs you're defending. ( more here )

Update 1: Sina joins us in the fight against this moron.


SERENDIP said...

Great post. She is now bashing Manouchehr Mohammadi...I'm appalled.

If she equally criticized the liberal shills who lobby on behalf of the Islamic Republic in Canada(Derakhshan et al) and in the US (Amirahmadi, Zarif et al see:Iranian Regime Influencing the Iraq Study Group"
maybe then she would not have appeared as being on the payroll of Islamic Republic.

Someone needs to stop her. Mohammdi just lost his brother for goodness sake. What do these people have against Iranians who want freedom? Is this what President Bush calls "soft bigotary of low expectation"? This woman needs to stuy the Iranian society before the Islamofascist coup of 1979. Iran was nothing like it is right now. Iran was a secular and modern country.

Shiro_Khorshid said...

Serendip could you point me in the direction of the article where she has bashed manouchehr mohammadi please. Thanx

SERENDIP said...

Shir/khorshid Jan:

Go to Sheema's blog:

Winston said...

SERENDIP, you are wrong. Shima says Laura MAY target him now.

Anonymous said...

Sheema has said: Zaran "may have" a new target for character assassination: Manouchehr Mohammadi.

SERENDIP said...

Ok, I just re-read her post. I stand corrected. However, this woman should really stop spreading disinformation.