Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tension in Canada-Iran relation

Iranian politicians threatened to close the Canadian embassy in Tehran yesterday over what they called its involvement in espionage, National Post reports.

Islamic regime of Iran is angry at the government of Canada led by PM Harper which is trashing them on the world stage. This is great to see the regime's anger and frustration. And it is wonderful to see that Canada is confronting this rogue regime through UN & IAEA and any other possible diplomatic channels. Many of us appreciate what the Canadian government is doing.

Bravo Canada! Thank You PM Harper!


Michael said...

Don't forget, Winston, that in addition to standing up against the terrorist-supporting regime in Iran, PM Harper has been unflinching in his support for Israel, and Israel's self-defense.

As you said, Bravo, PM Harper!

Let's all hope that this moral clarity does not fade with time.

Rosemary said...

Great news. Bravo, PM Harper. It's about time someone got the kahones to tell Ahmadinejad what he could do with his government.

The only thing that worries me is your embassy. Please do not make the same mistake Jimmy Carter made. Get your people out of there! After all, this tyrant was involved in the first embassy takeover...

Arian said...

Don't worry rosemary, the government isn't going jeapordize their whole plan to power by siezing another foreign embassy. That's just sabotage, and they have nothing to gain from that. When it happened the first time that was just crazed students in the midst of a revolution, not a planned incident.

Winston said...

Arian, the illegal seizure of the US embassy in 1979 was a planned move by the regime to get the so-called nationalist people out of the new regime and solidify the power under the rule of religious clerics.

Arian said...

That's the whole point though, there was no regime at that point! The was no plan and there was no regime. At that point it was just the people, and the regime didn't establish itself until the after the initial hostage takeover.

The students, on their own autonomous will, took over the embasasy, THEN looked to Khomenini for approval. In fact, initially Khomeini denounced the action, but after realizing that upsetting the public opinion would be counterproductive and threaten his will to power and acceptance from the people, he then announced he was in support of the takeover and commerated the hostage takers.

Trust me, I do not try and make excuses for the regime but it is important to idenify which actions they are responsible for and which actions they aren't. The hostage takeover was indepedent of the Mullah's and their agenda, even though it helped them. My grandfather was a prominent journalist and head of a 3 different newspapers at the time of the Shah and verified this fact for me. He was also a close friend and supporter of Mossedegh and was against the whole revolution from the beginning.