Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Donations Needed

Financial assistance is urgently needed for the cancer treatment of Iranian blogger Arash Sigarchi.

Please spread the word!

درصورتیکه تمایل دارید در پرداخت هزینه جراحی آرش سیگاچی به وی کمک کنید و در ایران هستید می توانید به وبلاگ آرش رفته و به صورت حسابش مبلغ را واریز کنید. در صورتیکه در آمریکا و کانادا یا اروپا زندگی می کنید و از دکمه پی پل در سمت راست وبلاگ من استفاده کنید و در صورتیکه درباره این مطلب سوالی دارید می توانید باخود آرش سیگارجی تماس بگیرید


Ardeshir Dolat said...

We are campaigning to save the life an Iranian girl, Delara Darabi, who is on death row in Iran. About three or four years ago, Delara and her then boyfriend/fiancé, were planning to get married. Since they were very poor, they had decided to help themselves to some of the wealth of a relative. During the burglary, the wealthy relative unexpectedly returned to the house and was accidentally killed in the struggle. Delara was forced/persuaded by her fiancé to wrongfully admit to the manslaughter to save him from execution as they thought she would not be executed because of her age. Delara has been denying the killing and states that she is innocent. Delara is an artist and recently an exhibition of her paintings, “The Imprisonment of Colours”, which she has produced while in jail in Iran was held in Tehran. Delara was only 17 at the time of the alleged crime. Her conviction and the death sentence have been upheld again by the youth court, and she is now facing death by hanging. I was surprised to find that unlike some other Iranian children on death row, there was a petition that was only signed by some 30 people. The campaign to save her life was not actively pursued and the petition was not distributed to as many sites as possible for people to sign. As the result, a negative message has been conveyed to the Islamic regime judiciary that they can go ahead and execute her, unlike other cases such as Nazanin, for whom over 220000 signatures has been collected.

Delara is poor and unable to compensate the relative – there is a Shariah principle, ‘Ghesas’ in place in Iran where the convicted person can compensate the victim’s family and escape the state punishment. However, as she is financially unable to do this, the only way to save her life is by an international pressure on the regime to commute her execution. She needs our support now as time is running out for her. Please sign this petition and please help to distribute it to as many sites as possible.

More info @ http://ardeshird.blogspot.com/

Petition @


Winston said...

I guess there are too many people to deserve any help they can get, yet we are out-numbered and can't do enough to save them all.

Rosemary said...

Here is the article I have written. Let me know if there is anything I could or should add. Thanks.

Winston said...

Thanks much Rosemary!