Thursday, December 14, 2006

How to make an IED

I was remembering those days back at high school when the basiji thugs used to come over and instruct every body how to make IEDs with wax cans, some wires, batteries and C4. Those classes were held by members of IRGC or Basij militias and it was mandatory for all of us to attend. I have always hated their system for every thing they did to us. I hated them for the sense of humiliation they inflict upon us and by making us equal to their freaking Arab ancestors. I couldn't stop cursing them. Why I was thinking about this IED classes? Well, because it made me think about the type of regime which is currently occupying the country I was born in.

That feeling, that really comes down to the nature of the regime that is ruling Iran and also dares to hold a holocaust conference and deny the crimes committed against millions of people too and ruin the remaining reputation of me and other Iranians on the international stage.

The fact of the matter is that we're dealing with a rogue and impudent government that doesn't hesitate to mock the entire world and abuse its own citizens as well.

This regime shouldn't be negotiated with and be recognized for its crimes. We should treat them the same way they treat us. And the only language they understand is the language of force!

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na said...

....YOU ARE ABSOLUTLY RIGHT..I could not say it better.

Michael said...

But the force required to make the regime understand, or to cause the needed changes, may kill millions.

Are you willing to take that risk?

The fact that we can ask this is the biggest difference between us and them....

Anonymous said...

We have been telling the world that the present clique of Islamofascists ruling Iran is not Iranian in the world-view. And with each passing day fresh evidence supports our claim. The recent gathering of some of the world's most notorious fascists/racists in Tehran, at the invitation of the Islamic Republic of Iran's Islamofascist President Ahmadinejad, provides further support to our claim.

The circus in Tehran, billed as "a conference", was nothing more than a disgusting attempt by the savage inheritors of Muhammad's dogma of hate to continue in his tradition of wanton attacks on all unbelievers, particularly the Jews.

The existence of Israel linked to the horrors of the Holocaust is nothing but a deception which denies overwhelming historical facts. While most of the new Arab states had no national historical antecedents, the Jewish state, of course, did. The capital of Israel became Jerusalem, the city that King David established as his capital some 3,000 years before, where the First and Second Temples had stood for approximately 1,000 years, and toward which Jews had prayed for 2,000 years.

The point of Iran's "study conference" is to argue that Israel is an alien colonial implant. Actually, the Jewish state could not be more indigenous to this area, and its revival represents perhaps the greatest example of restorationist justice in history.

Most of these so-called 'Arab lands' were taken from Christians and Jews and Zoroastrian by the Savage Islamic Armies.
At the siege of Vienna in 1683 Islam seemed poised to overrun Christian Europe. We are in a new phase of a very old war.

Winston said...

Michael, the language of force doesn't necessarily mean BOMB and WEAPONS. It can even be tough language that lacks from the Bush's administration conversation these days.

Michael said...

The problem with tough language is that your enemy has to believe you'll back it up.

Lately, no one believes that about the Bush Admin, Western Europe, or Israel. That's part of the problem.