Thursday, December 14, 2006

Get EU ambassadors out

British Conservative leader in the European Parliament, Timothy Kirkhope MEP demanded:
    [That] the Prime Minister makes a stand against the Iranian regime by urging EU partners to withdraw their ambassadors to Iran for consultations at home in protest at the Neo-Nazi Summit held in Tehran on the 11th and 12th December.
I didn't know there are still conservatives left in Europe but I believe it is the first good step if the Europeans withdraw their ambassadors from Tehran in protest.

Actually I should admit that there are conservative weblogs in Europe too. Eurosoc is one of them...


na said...

EU and the rest of the world thinks first of its economy- is incredible how much mony "they" make with iran!!
....just economy interests!

Shahrokh said...

As you see this regime is signing its deposition with this policy.

seattle guy said...

The EU is Iran's largest trading partner. From the EU's perspective Iran ranks only 24th. Aside from oil purchases, the EU could stop all trade with Iran without serious consequences.

The world can either rein in Iran now using economic and diplomatic means or ignore the situation and wait for war.