Saturday, December 16, 2006

It's Fake

Heavy Turn Out in Elections? I don't take these figures as genuine numbers and as stamp of approval for the mullahocracy by the tired people of Iran.

As my fellow blogger Azarmehr puts it:
    The truth is that the Islamic regime, even despite the most restrictive candidate filtering, will pull out whoever it wants out of these dummy ballot boxes.
Elections in Iran are always fake and have no validity even if the entire nation vote in the regime's sham elections every day. Some people vote because they like the system and support it, some vote because they are afraid of consequences of not voting in this regime, just like the way people voted in Saddam's Iraq or in today Syria and they were/are afraid of not showing their support for their dictators. And some vote because they, naively, believe that voting may change the regime's behavior and give them some room to breathe. Majority of people don't want this corrupt and brutal regime but they are also too lazy to do any thing about it. I am not being cynical but laziness and lack of action among the Iranian people is not a new phenomenon either. They really don't like this type of government and if given the chance, they will choose a secular and democratic system. But the reality on the ground makes it impossible for now. If the mullahs of Iran were as favorable as they claim to be, there would be no need to block many candidates and any citizen could stand as a candidate and could also choose whom to vote for.

However Iranians are too much absorbed by the daily life and problems of it that don't know what to do about this. In one hand they reject this regime and in other hand they are clueless as to how to get rid of it. By voting in these sham elections, they may be able to create temporary space to breathe some fresh air but the entire system is not working and time has come for it to go. Therefore mullahs, who are to blame for the Iranian people's daily problems, seize the moment and exploit this opportunity to their own advantage and, by showing their so-called popularity to the world, buy some time for themselves and in the mean time keep playing with the destiny, lives and morals of the poor people they have been ruling over since 1979.

Last word is that no matter how many people vote in the elections in Iran, the entire system has lost its legitimacy but, unfortunately, it won't go away as we expect. This regime will not submit to the will of its people the way eastern European regimes did in late 80s and early 90s and the Iranian people are not eastern Europeans either.

Mullahs will have to be forced out of power and this will not be achieved if this trend of laziness and fearfulness survive among the very people who are suffering in the hand of this brutal regime.


Anonymous said...


Sorry, but I think you have it all wrong regarding the attitude of the Iranians.

It was the Iranian people who called in Khomeini and chased away the Shah who offered at least a glimpse of modernity.

There is a saying "the people have always the government they deserve".

In a nutshell: first the people have to change, not the government.

Chester said...

"If the mullahs of Iran were as favorable as they claim to be, there would be no need to block many candidates and any citizen could stand as a candidate and could also choose whom to vote for."


Anonymous said...

Spot on. These fake election are nothing but PR stunts to fool the international community and the useful idiots.

Shiro_Khorshid said...

Your post is good although a bit cynical. There are a few points I would like to add though.

In the past during city council and presidenttial elections the IRI has claimed extremely high voter turn out when in reality and despite all their efforts the voter turn out was no more then 20%. From what I read and heard in the media the IRI is claiming high voter turn out but there is no definate percentage and no proof, so I have no reason to believe the voter turn out was any higher then the usual 20%. Even if the voter turn out is 1% IRI is going to claim its high and since there are no indepenent observers nobody is the wiser.
2. Second even if 100% of the people voted the election is still a sham because of the vetting of candidates, the only people that are allowed to run are VERY strong supporters of IRI.
3. I think its very easy for us to sit here and call the Iranian people lazy and what not and say they deserve what they get, when there are people in Iran who are coragous enough to burn ahmadinejads picture and literally risk death. There is so much going on in Iran and by not promoting that and focusing on the negative all the time I really don't think that you are being as effective as you would like to be. Thats just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

Opening the ballot boxes:

شورشی اعظم said...
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Anonymous said...

I do not understand why people vote for a regime that is hurting them very much. I think your people got what they deserve and i suspect change will never come.

Anonymous said...

in niz bogzarad......