Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Question of Numbers

Finally I found this fine article written by Iranian investigative journalist & historian Mr. Emad Baghi on the number of people killed by the late Shah's government and Mullahs' regime.
    The true numbers are fascinating because contrary to the official view they are quite low and highly disproportionate to the hundreds of thousands murdered in the last 24 years in the Islamic republic.
I remember that Islamic regime jailed Mr. Baghi for writing this article and for speaking of the truth. However, idiot leftists and pro-regime guys can't fathom this fact:
    In any case, by adding Takhti's name the total of those killed for underground action against the Shah's regime comes to 383 which added to the 2,781 "martyrs" would mean that 3,164 Iranians lost their lives in the revolution against the monarchy and not 60,000 as the Imam had stated. In time, other historians may take up the task of finding the truth about the countless people executed or eliminated during the brutal [27] years rule of the mullahs. But that will only be possible in a free Iran and the findings may prove to be a greater shock.
Very fascinating...


Bardia said...

Thanks alot for this information.

Tina said...

Now that's a facinating piece of information.

Aryamehr said...

Dear Winston,

Thanks for posting this article. The author Baghi is a former Islamist himself who's sobered up a little bit. I've been wanting to post this article as well and will be doing so in the near future. I discussed it with other compatriots several years ago in fact on this forum:

You'll find many other interesting articles in that link, which we should publish on our blogs.

شورشی اعظم said...

نه بابا مجاهدم كجا بود؟!ا
حالا چطور مگه (مي بخشي اگه من خيلي پرتم ها؟!)ا

Terry Crane said...

While I agree that the actual number was dwarfed by mullahs, and I appreciate the value of information, my overall assesment would be different - I hope it wouldn't offend you.

I believe all 383 executions were unjustified through the failure to execute 384-th - Rubalah Khomeini. I believe that a ruler is responsible for the wellbeing of his or her people (or all races, religions and ethnical groups) and I see a loss of power as a failure to deliver on that responsibility, rather then an injustice of subjects to the ruler.

Once again, sorry for being blant and perhaps insensitive. I know your loyalty to the Iranian royal family.