Thursday, December 21, 2006

UN condemns Iran

UN assembly led by Canada condemns Iranian regime for human rights violations, al-Reuters reports:
    The U.N. General Assembly expressed "serious concern" on Tuesday about a long list of human rights abuses attributed to Iran and urged Tehran to ensure full respect for those rights.
Well, that is good but here comes the very funny & sad part:
    A resolution was adopted by a vote of 72-50 with 55 abstentions in the 192-nation assembly after it narrowly defeated a motion by Iran to take no action on the measure.
So, 105 countries think there is no human rights violations in Iran whatsoever. Good to know which countries they were.

P.S: Canadian governments also issued an official statement:
    “Canada played a lead role in bringing forward this resolution and in ensuring its adoption by the General Assembly, which sends an important signal to Iran’s oppressed that they are not alone. In light of the gravity of the situation, Canada will continue to work for the respect of human rights and rule of law in Iran, as well as elsewhere in the world.
I should say Thank You Canada!


sonia said...

It's easy to guess which countries voted against or abstained... The list starts with Belarus and ends with Zimbabwe, with North Korea and Venezuela in the mix....

Nice blog, btw, I am linking...

Tina said...

I was beginning to despair that there were none of the old Red Ensign Canadians alive, but it appears that they are not only alive but they are thriving. Thank God, the world is much better when Canada takes it's rightful place.

Rosemary said...

I am very grateful for Canada this time. Kudo's for you! It's about time someone said, "Boo!" to Iran.

I hope all is well. Have a good day.