Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Italian students for freedom

After American students who stood up with their brothers and sisters in Iran and supported them, now it is Italian students' turn to stand up for human rights and freedom in Iran and rally for the Iranian students. It's the newest effort by Italians after their minister of youth policy and sport declared his support for the Iranian students who are fighting for freedom and democracy.

Persian language Gooya News web site also reports that Italian students of different political affiliations will hold a rally, this Thursday at 8pm in Rome, to show their support for those students who have been protesting against the regime in the past few weeks, especially for the students of Amir Kabir Uni. who really defied the regime and disrupted Ahmadinejad's speech last week. And this must be heart-warming news to those students who had to run for their lives after interrupting Ahmadinejad's speech.

Gooya news reports that Italian students, each, will wear three stars to show their solidarity with those "starred" students who were barred from entering higher levels of education.


Lirun said...

this is really interesting..

Bardia said...

تا بحال میگفتیم که دود از کنده بلند میشه ولی این جوانان دانشجو نشان داده اند که در اشتباه بوده ایم