Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Expanding the army

Bush considers US force expansion reports BBC News:
    In a newspaper interview, Mr Bush also said he planned to expand the size of the military to deal with the broader, long-term fight against terrorism.
This is good news to me and many others who think the United States must get stronger to be able to deal with the threat of Islamofascism. And I believe the president must declare war on radical Islam sooner than later. This is no different than the war against Nazism back in 1930-40s. It's important that America adopts this tactic to be able to survive its long term struggle with the radical Islamism.


Movies Point said...

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programmer craig said...

I agree, the military must be bigger. But not like WWII - the US drafted over 12 million men shortly after Pearl Harbor. We don't need a military THAT big, for this war. And I don't want a draft here in the US, either. Our all volunteer is very professional and very proficient, and I'd like to see that maintained.

I think a military the size it was under Reagan in the mid-80s would be just about ideal. We would have to roughly double the size of the military to get to that level. Especially the Army. There are about 150,000 active duty Marines today. There were only 130,000 active duty Marines when I was in (during the Reagan years) so the Marine Corps is at a good level. Though, of course, being a former Marine, I'm obligated to say that more Marines is always a good thing :)

Louise said...

I also hope the rules of engagement (RoE) In Iraq are changed. They have been pussy-footing around for too long. I also hope the new political coalition among Iraq's parliamentarians that has been talked about in the news and on the blogs becomes a force to reckon with very soon. They need a government that is willing to go after Sadr.

Sherry said...

Winston, I thought you might like that! Can Canada help as well?

Winston said...

Canada going to war in Iran? not in a milion