Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Support Them

A Balanced Article from Investor's Business Daily on Iranian democracy movement.

Seriously, If the free world doesn't support the freedom movement of Iranian people then the free world may have to bomb the mullahs and bring us bomb made democracy.
    If we [support] it now, we might not have to bomb Iran later, when Ahmadinejad gets a nuke.
We don't want to be bombed, they don't want to bomb us either, at least for now. So why not help us get rid of this murderous regime sooner than later?


Bardia said...

there's another movemant of islamic racism as they did before in IRAN, but european don't know this alarm. europe will see the world war inside.

Winston said...

Agreed! They have already surrendered to Arabs and Muslims within Europe and it is sad to see the demise of europeans like that but well that is the path they chose on their own. no one forced them to do so, right?

na said...

europe is still looking for dialog.first, because of economy interest,sec.,war between calture inside europe...3. word war is already beginning!!!!(war of culture,economy,religion,fanatism)