Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Another sad anniversary

Today Jan 16th (26th of Dey) is another sad day in the Iranian history for those of us who loved and admired the late Shah of Iran for who he was and things he did for the country...

امروز هم روز غم انگیز دیگریست از میان روزهای غمبار بسیاری که مملکت ایران در طول تاریخ به خود دیده. شاه فقید ایران در چنین روزی یعنی 26 دی ماه ایران را ترک کرد و با رفتن ایشان ابرو و عزت ایرانی در دنیا از بین رفت، و کشور بسوی نابودی و خرابی با سرعت هر چه تمام ترهمچنان پیش میرود

The above picture shows the late Shah with princess Leila in exile. Leila later died in London in 2000.


Aryamehr said...

A dark day in Iran's history; a day when Iranians let down a patriot and embraced the enemy.


Blane Burns said...

Amen. It was a sad betrayal. Too bad such things are so common. One day soon the same will happen to the current regiem. God speed the day.