Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Civil War in Iran

There is a civil war going on in Iran between the cars and people. 35000 people die in vehicle related incidents in Iran every year according to official data released by the Iranian government and the road and car involved death toll in Iran is the highest in the world.

Now add this self-igniting vehicles that is taking the lives of people as well, and then imagine this failed regime going nuclear. I believe we'll witness nuclear annihilation of some parts of Iran on a daily basis... Lots of Chernobyls are expected...


Sherry said...

Winston, that regime should have been gone a long time ago. I pray for the people of Iran.

The regime is not just an enemy to other countries, but an enemy to its own people living there.

Bardia said...

dear winston,
just look at the resaalat tunnel in tehran and all passing bridges which have the funny form. most of them have the curved form because there are some properties around these passing ways that own to the governments so they don't want to lose them and poor people must die in this foolish ways.