Thursday, January 4, 2007

Oppression - part II

I talked about a conversation that I had with my brother a few weeks ago over the issue of cell phones being checked by militia in the streets.

Now, this thing is out in the foreign media as well. Italian paper mentions the fact that now cell phones are being checked by police.


Louise said...

Winston, have you seen this?

"DEBKAfile’s military experts see in the new deployment evidence that President George W. Bush has rejected the key Baker-Hamilton Iraq Study Group’s recommendation to engage Iran and Syria for an exit strategy on Iraq. He has instead come down finally behind his own fundamental conviction that the Iraq war is winnable and Iran can be simultaneously confronted.

Tuesday, Jan. 2, The New York Times reported that the commander of US forces in Iraq Gen. John Casey was on his way out, accused of placing a policy of withdrawal ahead of winning the war. This grave charge is tantamount to flouting the commander in chief’s directives. Reports of Casey’s coming dismissal are further evidence of Bush’s resolve to pursue a proactive policy on Iraq and Iran rather than accept defeat."

And this?

"Iran's Surpreme Leader Dead."

I hear Bush could be speaking about his new plans this coming Tuesday.

Oh. Pins and needles!!!!!

Aryamehr said...

Seyed Ali Geda is being reported as DEAD!!! see my blog for links!!!

Winston said...

I saw it on Pajamas Media this afternoon but can't confirm it. I am trying to find out more about it.