Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Clown aka Hoder

I just couldn't keep this in my chest any more. I mean I really want to scream at Mr. Hugh Hewitt for giving air time to the infamous Islamic regime agent Hoder .

It's simply disgusting that a conservative media outlet allows a clown, a regime pawn to spread his sick ideas through its airwaves.

Read about it

I wrote a long email to Hugh Hewitt about the matter and I hope those of you who despise mullahcratic regime agents such as Hoder to do the same and write Mr. Hewitt about it and express your disgust. Bear in mind that I don't want to condemn Mr. Hewitt since I am an avid listener of his programs and I do like what he does. All I am angry at is that people like hoder must not be given air time to spread their sick ideas around. These clowns must not get any air time because they have already owned lots of left wing backed media and they cooperate with them against the will of the Iranian people which is toppling the mullahs.


Papa Ray said...

Hugh allowed this clown to show his real colors and his ignorance.

Most Americans, left or right are not idiots and need to know those that pose as one thing and are shown to be another...

Well, its better that way.

If someone else had accused him of the things he related and admitted, he most likely would have gotten out of them or turned them around against the accuser.

Now, he has outed himself.

Which is always more believable and for the best.

Papa Ray
West Texas

P.S. did you watch this? Some Sunni/Shiite Video Entertainment.

I wished I spoke Arabic but I think I got the idea anyway.

serendip said...

Thank Winston. I've already emailed Mr. Hewitt and told him that he's been had by a potential would-be suicide bomber. You're also right about the fact the left/liberals are the enemy of the Iranian people because they don't view Iranians as human beings with the same rights as they would value for themselves. They politicize the sufferings of millions of Iranians to score a political point here and there and continue their propaganda to achieve a a "utopian/socialist" world.

Winston said...

Papa ray, I dont speak/understand Arabic either.

serendip said...

Papa Ray: I hear you. But the title of the piece and introducing him as a "Liberal" is misleading and quite unfair to other persian freedom loving activists. He is a well-known agent in the Persian Community. Noone takes this moron seriously anymore in the Persian community and he knows it too that's why he no longer tries to hide it. He is by no means a liberal. He is militant jihadist who happens to love western fashion and clothes.

Louise said...

I agree with papa ray. The more exposure these monsters get the more informed the public becomes.

Serendip said...

louise: the problem is that he gets positive exposures in Washington Post and he is introduced as an Iranian activists, which he is not. However, I do understand the "give'm enough rope to hang themselves with"...LOL

Louise, there are many other 'hoders' in the blogsphere, US academia, and even the US government who are introduced as dissidents/pundist/ME experts to naive Americans but they are actually regime's appeaser and promoters. It's a huge problem.

Sherry said...

Hoder is the new definition of Benedict Arnold.

frieda said...

Hoder hates the conservatives in America and yet they are the only one giving him a voice. His biggest backers, Open Democracy, have kicked him out and that's why you don't see him writing article for Independent newspaper anymore. The Liberals have figured him out, now it's conservatives turn.

serendip said...

frieda: Good point.

Jeff Rambin said...


Hoder's big kick lately has been an "Iranian-Israeli Peace Initiative." Take a look at this article from the BBC and put 2 and 2 together. Hoder was clearly sent to be a Fifth Column inside Israel.